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  1. Party’s leaders are more nervous than ever that it will lose its majority for the first time since Nelson Mandela led it to victory

    It was supposed to be a show of strength, a packed crowd of 83,000 ANC supporters showing South Africa that despite the country’s myriad problems, the ruling party was still confident of victory in Wednesday’s pivotal elections.

    Instead, as people

  2. Concerns grow that Darfur is facing another genocide as Rapid Support Forces besiege city of El Fasher

    Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in a displacement camp in the city of El Fasher in Sudan’s Darfur region after attacks by the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group, as concern grows that Darfur is facing another genocide.


  3. Lawyer criticises ‘inhumane’ treatment of men who were accused over deadly sinking of vessel crossing from Libya

    Greek police have been accused of the “inhumane” treatment of nine Egyptian men after placing them in detention despite a court ...

  4. More than 2,500 attacks in 2023, including medics killed and clinics bombed, in war zones such as Gaza, Sudan and Ukraine

    Attacks on health workers, hospitals and clinics in conflict zones jumped 25% last year to their highest level on record, a new report has found.

    While the increase was largely driven by new wars in Gaza and Sudan, continuing conflicts such as Ukraine and

  5. An advance group of Kenyan officers, part of a larger UN-backed ‘support mission’ to stabilize Haiti, landed in Port-au-Prince

    Kenyan special forces police who have spent time battling al-Shabaab fighters in east Africa are expected to arrive in Haiti in the coming days, as the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, warned the

  6. Greek court says it has no jurisdiction to hear case as disaster happened in international waters

    A Greek court has thrown out charges against nine Egyptian men accused of causing one of the Mediterranean’s deadliest shipwrecks, ruling it has no jurisdiction over the case because the disaster was in international waters.

    The three-member tribunal, sitting in the southern city of

  7. Lambeth Palace documents show purchase of enslaved people in 18th century approved by Anglican archbishop

    An archbishop of Canterbury in the 18th

  8. Missouri state representative Ben Baker’s daughter and her husband were reportedly ambushed when leaving a church

    The daughter and son-in-law of a US Republican politician are among three Christian missionaries who have been killed by gang members in Haiti as it emerged that the long-awaited deployment of an multinational security force tasked with rescuing the Caribbean country from

  9. Federal government to amend Citizenship Act, removing ‘second-generation cut-off’ introduced by Conservative government

    Canada plans to restore the right of citizens born abroad to pass their citizenship to children also born outside the country, following a court ruling that a “first-generation limit” in the law was unconstitutional.

    The federal government announced legislation

  10. Canadian university gives protesters one day to close up protest camp on downtown campus or potentially face police action

    The University of Toronto (UofT) has warned pro-Palestinian activists that they have 24 hours to accept a proposal to end a three-week protest camp on the schools’ downtown campus – or risk being treated as trespassers and potentially face police action.