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  1. Cape Town mayor declares major incident as roads closed and 80,000 people left without electricity

    Extreme rain and strong winds across South Africa’s Western Cape province have caused flooding, torn off roofs, destroyed crops and damaged roads this week. It is estimated that the 48-hour rainfall totals between Sunday and Monday were between 100mm to 200mm (4-8in) in this

  2. Tanzania government blamed for violence against villagers in national park, while thousands more people face losing their homes

    The World Bank is investigating allegations of killings, rape and forced evictions made by villagers living near the site of a proposed tourism project it is funding in Tanzania.

    The bank has been accused of “enabling” alleged violence by the Tanzanian

  3. As EU prepares to send money as part of €1bn deal, people trying to reach north African country detail border ‘pushbacks’

    Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have spoken of their horror at being

  4. Pato Crepin’s wife and six-year-old daughter were repeatedly pushed back by authorities in Tunisia, which has signed a €1bn deal with the EU

  5. Opposition politicians and activists arrested since President Emmerson Mnangagwa won second term

    Barely a week after being sworn in as an opposition MP following elections in Zimbabwe last month, Gift Siziba found himself in police custody facing several charges,

  6. Operation Dudula changes tactics from evictions and violence, with plans to fight elections on platform of expelling foreigners

    An anti-migrant vigilante organisation in South Africa has registered as a political party and plans to contest seats in next year’s general elections.

    Operation Dudula, whose name means “to force out” in Zulu, wants all foreign nationals who are in the

  7. The explorer is widely thought of as an exploiter today, and didn’t know east from west. But a version of his boastful missive is expected to fetch up to £1.2m at auction

    In 1493, Christopher Columbus wrote a letter that would change the landscape of the modern world. “I sailed to the Indies with the fleet that the illustrious King and Queen, our sovereigns, gave me, where I discovered

  8. Banco do Brasil, one of country’s biggest banks, under scrutiny as institutions called to account for role in trafficking of Africans

    Brazilian prosecutors have launched a civil investigation into one of the country’s largest banks’ historical links to slavery, in an unprecedented move to hold Brazilian institutions to account for their role in the enslavement of millions of

  9. Suspect, arrested in Peru, allegedly threatened schools after failing to ‘sextort’ nude photos from schoolchildren

    A Peruvian man was arrested in Peru for sending more than 150 fake bomb threats to US schools, airports and a synagogue.

    Eddie Manuel Núñez Santos, 33, was arrested by Peruvian officials on Tuesday in Lima, ...

  10. Citizens of the island nation were told that power outages of up to 10 hours a day could be expected outside Havana

    Cuban officials have warned that blackouts on the island will increase significantly due to a lack of fuel, potentially worsening the country’s plight as it deals with food and medicine shortages.

    Local governments have already begun announcing restrictions on power