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  1. Senior Hamas officials on Tuesday joined the family of Nelson Mandela to mark the 10th anniversary of his death and cast the spotlight on the bitter conflict in Gaza.
  2. In his bodybuilding career, he won a string of titles including Mr Britain and Mr Europe before being named Mr Universe in 1996.
  3. Alice Wood, 23, is accused of murdering Ryan Watson, 24, by dragging him along a 160m stretch underneath her car.
  4. The death count from a volcano eruption in Indonesia has risen to 22 after nine more bodies were discovered, a search and rescue agency official said Tuesday.
  5. Apollo Hospitals has denied a British media report claiming the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi is at the centre of an international "cash for kidneys" racket that sees poor people from Myanmar sell their organs for Rs 80-90 lakh each.
  6. The woman said the encounter lasted only seconds, but turned her life upside down.
  7. The woman, who was from Boston, got married on Sunday and was paddleboarding with a male relative in the Bahamas when she was attacked.
  8. Digital devices and documents retrieved from Hamas militants after the October 7 attack reveal years of planning and a very high level of "detail and readiness", Israeli intelligence officers say.
  9. The cover was attached to Giorgia Meloni's phone by her seven-year-old daughter Ginevra.
  10. She was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.