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  1. A child was killed and another was seriously injured on Thursday after they were hit by a train along a railway line in the western German town of Recklinghausen, local authorities said.
  2. President Vladimir Putin leveraged a World War II commemoration on Thursday to whip up support for his army's intervention in Ukraine, comparing the fighting to Nazi Germany's invasion and hinting Moscow could use nuclear weapons.
  3. The Pentagon said Thursday that it was tracking a Chinese spy balloon flying high over the United States that appeared to be surveilling highly sensitive nuclear weapons sites.
  4. President Vladimir Putin on Thursday vowed a decisive response to any country threatening Russia and lashed out against Germany for promising tanks for Kyiv.
  5. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday his war-torn country deserved to start EU accession talks "this year".
  6. The US House of Representatives voted Thursday to oust a controversial Democrat from a powerful committee over anti-Semitic comments, in a move seen by her party chiefs as revenge for their previous removal of far-right Republicans.
  7. India is among the top three nations contributing active users growth for Facebook as of December 31, 2022, social media major Meta said in a regulatory filing.
  8. The UK defence minister on Thursday said he did not rule out supplying Ukraine with fighter jets while cautioning they would not be a "magic wand" in the war.
  9. Lord Jo Johnson, younger brother of former British prime minister Boris Johnson, has resigned his non-executive directorship of a UK-based investment firm linked with the now-withdrawn Adani Enterprises Follow-on Public Offer (FPO).
  10. Pakistan police officers say they have been "thrown to the beasts" in their battle against rising militancy after a blast at a city headquarters killed dozens of their colleagues.