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  1. Police appeal for information about a grey Porsche 911 spotted in the area before the crash.
  2. The whistleblower who released a video that appears to show Charlotte Dujardin "excessively" whipping a horse is "not celebrating", says her lawyer.
  3. The Labour leader largely agreed with Tory counterpart Rishi Sunak in his first appearance at PMQs.
  4. A man is held after a suspected murder attempt on a soldier in uniform near a Gillingham barracks.
  5. Bodycam video shows the immediate aftermath of the Trump shooting on the rooftop where the gunman was killed.
  6. The address comes as the relationship between Israeli leaders and leading US Democrats has grown tense.
  7. The cybersecurity company's mistake caused millions of PCs not to work on Friday.
  8. Ava Kris Tyson denies allegations of grooming over messages sent to a minor eight years ago.
  9. The Democratic White House candidate promises "freedom, compassion and rule of law" to a cheering crowd in Wisconsin.
  10. Kai ´╗┐McKenzie, 23, was attacked by a three-metre-long great white shark in Australia on Tuesday.