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  1. Walkouts are planned on three days in the run-up to Christmas and six days in the new year.
  2. The Duke of Sussex's lawyers are challenging the Home Office over the decision to downgrade his protection.
  3. Rockstar Games releases the trailer 15 hours earlier than expected after it was leaked online.
  4. At least 22 people are known to have been killed on Mount Marapi after nine more bodies are found.
  5. The immigration minister says he is prepared to "take further steps" if net migration does not come down.
  6. The UK progresses slightly in OECD education rankings - but food-poverty levels are above average.
  7. Hackers were able to gain access because some customers reused old passwords, biotech company 23andMe said.
  8. A total of 40 flood warnings are in force across England after snow gave way to heavy rain.
  9. The historic company was controversially told to leave London or lose its Arts Council funding.
  10. They escaped from a Christmas event over the weekend and were finally tracked down the next day.