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  1. The Israeli cabinet and opposition leaders have been meeting in Tel Aviv as Israel considers its response to Saturday's attack.
  2. It is the first time a former president has faced a criminal trial, with Donald Trump accused of concealing a payment to an adult film star.
  3. Prosecutor Tom Little KC says Constance Marten, 36, has lied to the jury about what happened.
  4. Ocean heat records have been breaking for months. This is the first global evidence of the impacts on sea life.
  5. The French president says the opening ceremony could move from the River Seine if security is compromised.
  6. The star objected to a photographer at the Olivier awards who apparently asked her to "show leg".
  7. Damien Guerot confronted the killer in a desperate bid to stop the attack, which killed six people.
  8. The author, who was stabbed on stage in 2022, tells the BBC that he thought he was dying.
  9. Liverpool pauses to remember the 1989 football disaster in which 97 men, women and children died.
  10. Weekend one of the festival also sees surprise appearances from Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish.