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BBC News - Home
BBC News - Home
  1. Immigration minister says he has to look after taxpayers and reduce use of hotels for housing asylum seekers.
  2. Internal Home Office figures include the costs of developing detention facilities, the BBC understands.
  3. India's Railway Board says there was "some kind of signalling interference".
  4. It served as a royal home to the King and Queen during visits to Wales prior to Charles' coronation.
  5. The 12-year-old, named locally as Sunnah Khan, died after an incident on Bournemouth beach.
  6. For the first time in the modern era a senior royal is going to give evidence in open court.
  7. The actor revealed a few spoilers when he spoke to Laura Kuenssberg about the show's ending.
  8. Former PM is told his legal costs will not be covered if he tries to "undermine" government position.
  9. The 33-year-old from Warwickshire has been charged with displaying threatening or abusive writing.
  10. A trickle of Russians leaving became a stream after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine of 2022.