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  1. US Vice-President Kamala Harris says Israel must let more aid into Gaza and calls for an immediate ceasefire.
  2. The ex-ambassador is the first woman to win a Republican primary, but Donald Trump is still way ahead.
  3. Armed gangs stormed a major prison at the weekend freeing 4,000 inmates.
  4. The three men and one woman will conduct scientific experiments, including a study of degenerative diseases.
  5. Majority votes for a '13th month' payment to address a cost of living crisis, but the government says it could not afford it.
  6. The woman and her husband were on a motorbike tour in India when the alleged assault took place.
  7. Ezra Mam's allegation overshadows a push for US audiences by Australia's National Rugby League.
  8. Contest bosses had ruled that references in October Rain to last year's Hamas attacks broke neutrality rules.
  9. Prosecutors appeal for witnesses as army warns of rising risk of 'large-scale attacks' by militants.
  10. It was later revealed they belonged to Cleveland Police, and had escaped their local stable.