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  1. This article explores why simplicity is challenging yet essential, highlighting examples from successful companies like Ikea and Nike, and offers practical advice on how simplifying processes, communications and product development can lead to better outcomes and substantial business success.
  2. As summer 2024 expects record-breaking travel, businesses affected by tourism must tackle increased fraud and chargeback risks head-on.
  3. Sometimes you need to take things into your own hands and leave the office to develop business. This subscription can help.
  4. Three road-tested ways to be more transparent and build relationships that can transform your business — without leaving you feeling nightmarishly over-exposed.
  5. Location can make or break your business's success.
  6. Layoffs are a short-sighted approach that reduces workers to data points and budget line items while ignoring the value of retaining employees over the long term, even when economic times are tough.
  7. Since it became a holiday in 2021, Juneteenth has been recognized by some major corporations as a paid day off.
  8. The anonymous 38-year-old man broke the record for the most money won in the Michigan online lottery.
  9. It can make the entrepreneur life a lot easier.
  10. The program was available for less than a year.