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  1. Texas Republican lawmakers sent bills to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk that would dramatically interfere with elections administration in the state's largest, Democratic-run county.
  2. This start-up aims to provide both food and economic opportunity to Afghan women. But success means first overcoming economic crises, cultural taboos and Taliban interference.
  3. The German firm is selling shoes created with Ye (formerly Kanye West) before his antisemitic remarks led to termination of the deal in October. Some of the proceeds will go to anti-racism nonprofits.
  4. The brand turned homemakers into saleswomen and became synonymous with kitchen storage. But it has relied on Tupperware parties for sales--and struggled to keep its business fresh. Is its fate sealed?
  5. The three leaders of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund have been aiding protesters against the city's proposed police and fire training center. They were charged with money laundering and charity fraud.
  6. Christina Lusk sued over harassment, assault and discrimination she says she experienced while incarcerated. In its settlement of the case, Minnesota will grant her access to gender-affirming care.
  7. The Hawaii resident was charged with one count of intentionally disturbing wildlife after he tried to help a baby bison return to its herd. Park rangers later had to euthanize the abandoned animal.
  8. The Federal Trade Commission has accused the online retailer of harboring children's data even when parents request it to be deleted, as well giving its Ring employees access to users' videos.
  9. After Wisconsin mom Annie McGrath's teenage son died in a YouTube blackout challenge, she's confronting shareholders at an annual meeting of its parent company.
  10. A recruiter and a dating coach weigh in on the stress of multiple rounds of interviews before a job-seeker gets an offer.