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  1. Three NASA astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut will spend about six months on the International Space Station - conducting experiments and research. They'll relieve four people of the Crew-7 mission.
  2. The vice president's remarks on Sunday are some of the strongest by a senior U.S. official regarding the protection of civilians in Gaza.
  3. Shortz, who has been absent from NPR's Sunday Puzzle in recent weeks, announced that his absence was due to a stroke in early February.
  4. Another game, another record for the Iowa superstar. Clark will end her college career with the record for most points by a Division I player — men's or women's
  5. German officers were reportedly talking about sending weapons to Ukraine and a potential strike by Ukrainian forces on a bridge in Crimea. The German chancellor called the incident "very serious."
  6. History shows that when the major party nominees for president have not cleared the field of notable challengers before summer, they tend to lose in the fall.
  7. Spotty internet and cell services, blackouts and the destruction of infrastructure in Gaza during Israel's war with Hamas have hampered aid and medical services and keeping in touch with loved ones.
  8. We live in a rapidly aging world. A new global photography project captures the lives behind the statistics by documenting the lives of 72-year-olds — the world's median life expectancy today.
  9. The Apollo Chamber Players in Houston, Texas, create concerts in response to book banning, the refugee crisis, the war in Gaza and other world events. Thousands of people attend their performances.
  10. A new study finds swapping half of your typical red meat intake for plant protein, reduces your diet-related carbon footprint by 25% and may also your boost lifespan.