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  1. Catch up on key developments and the latest in-depth coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
  2. Lisa Loring will be remembered as a Hollywood icon for playing the gloomy Wednesday Addams at age 6. She went on to fill roles on As the World Turns and the Girl from U.N.C.L.E..
  3. In a new documentary, the former British prime minister said Russia's leader didn't seem serious about avoiding war before his country invaded Ukraine. The Kremlin says Johnson's statement is a lie.
  4. New Jersey officials are condemning the attempted arson attack as well as an unrelated "possible bias-motivated incident" at a church over the weekend. The state is no stranger to antisemitic threats.
  5. As we launch a series about spillover viruses — like SARS-CoV-2, which triggered a global pandemic, you may have a lot of questions. So do we — 7, to be exact, in the quiz below.
  6. A powerful blast struck on Monday inside a mosque in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing at least 28 people, according to a hospital official
  7. China has been trying to woo back foreign investors and businesses after nearly three years of self-imposed isolation, but a quick economic recovery will also hinge on domestic consumption.
  8. Republican Party divisions over who would lead the House, debates over the debt ceiling and other conflicts have revived a years-long conversation about what it even means to be conservative.
  9. The new weight-loss drugs can be life-changing for people facing health conditions worsened by obesity, but price and spotty insurance coverage may keep them out of reach.
  10. A family had more than $12,000 in medical bills they couldn't explain after their baby was delivered early. It turns out the doctors who cared for her worked at a different, out-of-network hospital.