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  1. The addition of the US$1 billion facility comes as the kingdom is expecting a wave of tourists during the high season from now until the end of February for the local travel sector.
  2. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that a former aide of late Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin oversee volunteer fighter units in Ukraine.
  3. Team behind piece titled ‘Life in Hong Kong’s Shoebox Housing’ honoured with prize for visual storytelling at ceremony in New York.
  4. The media mogul has arguably shaped the news business as no one else has, but his legacy is also tainted by scandals over journalistic ethics and his role in stirring the pot of populist politics. His son and successor now faces multiple challenges, but the Murdoch star may have waned.
  5. China’s Vice-Foreign Minister for Asia Sun Weidong meets Daniel Kritenbrink, US Assistant Secretary of State, for ‘candid, in-depth and constructive consultation’ on regional issues, including Taiwan and maritime issues.
  6. City offering fireworks, discounts galore and a pinch of culture during three-day weekend celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.
  7. Billionaire Elon Musk visited Eagle Pass, Texas, to meet with local politicians and law enforcement and obtain what he called an ‘unfiltered’ view of the situation.
  8. A delegation of Australian politicians this week travelled to Taipei and met President Tsai Ing-wen.
  9. Sweden is gripped by an unprecedented crime wave that has killed a growing number of children and innocent victims.
  10. Six migrants – four Vietnamese and two Iraqis – hid for hours in the truck, believing it was on its way to the UK or Ireland. They panicked when they realised the vehicle was going in the wrong direction.