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  1. Chinese embassy warns citizens in Iran to take precautions after Tehran fires missiles and drones in ‘spillover’ of Gaza conflict, but analysts say attack is unlikely to have substantial impact on Beijing’s ties with the two Middle Eastern countries.
  2. Scientists buoyed after pledge by mainland Chinese officials that Hongkongers will be able to join future polar research missions.
  3. Urban Renewal Authority managing director Wai Chi-sing says new museum celebrating Hong Kong literature will be housed at 7 Mallory Street in Wan Chai.
  4. The owners of MV Abdullah say they have struck a deal with the pirates and that all the crew are safe.
  5. Report on state broadcaster CCTV says last year two people working in the rare earths sector were jailed for 11 years or more for stealing state secrets.
  6. A former popular TV hostess-turned-successful business person in China has been slammed for showering her teenage daughter with expensive clothes and cash.
  7. Israel says Hamas “is continuing to exploit the tension with Iran” and “does not want a humanitarian deal”.
  8. Six-hour time difference with Paris may help economy as residents can more easily dine out and watch Games after work, sports chief Kevin Yeung says.
  9. The archipelago, one of the world’s least-developed countries, is the unlikely focal point of a diplomatic scramble pitting a rising China against Western rivals.
  10. The name of the ship has already been criticised in China because it shares its name with an imperial warship that bombed Shanghai in the 1930s.