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  1. Making EVs is just part of the solution: you must have people able to buy them.
  2. It seems that one of the prototypes resides at the factory now.
  3. Get caught up with the latest EV news here.
  4. Not much to complain about the Polestar 2 so far.
  5. It said it still has to determine “what driving mode the Tesla was in or if it was a contributing factor to the crash.”
  6. Is the high-performance street truck coming back?
  7. The first time we see an active rear spoiler on a Model S.
  8. Existing orders were delayed to October. New orders are January-February 2022.
  9. He did that in an interview with Sandy Munro.
  10. On average, NIO drivers are swapping batteries more frequently than every 1,000 km (620 miles).
  11. Place your bets on these base models. Gas or electric to 60 mph?
  12. Episode 58.
  13. Other non-Tesla EV charging networks are growing, which makes it much easier to own an electric car.
  14. Let's take a look at Bjørn Nyland's first impressions of the exterior and interior.
  15. The quintessential featherweight two-seater is going electric, but it won’t alter the company’s priorities.