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  1. Israeli air raid flattens building housing family flats and offices of news outlets, including Al Jazeera and AP.
  2. Controlling the narrative is a growing front in Israel-Palestine conflict.
  3. From Amman and Baghdad to London and Berlin, thousands gather across the world to protest Israeli attacks on Gaza.
  4. Some now see the beginnings of a new Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation.
  5. Election board says delays in opening polling stations and voter registration have pushed back the voting day.
  6. At least 29 Palestinians injured as they marched across the West Bank to mark Nakba Day and protest Israeli occupation.
  7. At least 140 people, including 39 children, killed in Gaza since Israel's latest attacks were launched on Monday.
  8. There is no good reason why Canada's public broadcaster did not cover the HRW Israeli apartheid report.
  9. Gaza City building that housed Al Jazeera and other media offices was destroyed in an Israeli strike on Saturday.
  10. Media network says bombing 'clear act' to stop journalists from reporting, says Israeli gov't must be held accountable.