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  1. Officials say GDP grew at its slowest place in a year in the third quarter, amid power shortages and property woes.
  2. Experts say vaccines mandates are '100 percent a human rights issue' but also about keeping society safe.
  3. Gang known as 400 Mazowo said to have abducted 17 foreign missionaries amid increasing lawlessness in troubled nation.
  4. A small-town conservative and father of seven will lead an alliance of six opposition parties in next year's vote.
  5. FIFA wants to change the frequency of the World Cup but not everyone is convinced.
  6. Mehdi Ben Gharbia is the latest opposition member to come under scrutiny amid growing concerns over civil rights.
  7. Israeli settlers are committing violent, daily attacks against Palestinians harvesting their olive trees for the season.
  8. A long-awaited agreement was reached in the UN-mandated talks between the two sides in Switzerland.
  9. Former US President Bill Clinton was successfully treated for an infection and will head home to New York.
  10. Syria’s state-run news agency says Midhat Saleh was fatally shot by an Israeli sniper in the Golan Heights.