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  1. The tiny Pacific nation of Nauru has congratulated itself for a "world record" Covid-19 vaccination drive which resulted in all its adult population receiving their first jab.
  2. Lockdown-fuelled demand for take-out meals has brought throngs of new delivery riders onto streets around the world, but in Australia the boom has also seen tragedy with a spate of road deaths...
  3. Sinovac Biotech Ltd.'s vaccine is wiping out Covid-19 among health workers in Indonesia, an encouraging sign for the dozens of developing countries reliant on the controversial Chinese shot, which...
  4. Pediatric researchers are investigating whether Covid-19 is becoming more severe for children now that variants are causing localized flare-ups, even as U.S. cases overall decline.
  5. Hostilities between Israel and Hamas escalated overnight, with at least 35 killed in Gaza and five in Israel in the most intensive aerial exchanges for years.
  6. The US has taken note of a Chinese diplomat's statement warning Bangladesh against joining the Quad, the informal grouping of Australia, India, Japan and America to coordinate in the Indo-Pacific...
  7. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in the central city of Lod as police accused Arab residents of waging "wide-scale riots".
  8. Gas stations from Florida to Virginia began running dry and prices at the pump rose on Tuesday, as the shutdown of the biggest US fuel pipeline by hackers extended into a fifth day and sparked panic...
  9. Palestinian militant group Hamas said Wednesday it had fired more than 200 rockets into Israel in retaliation for strikes on a tower block in Gaza.
  10. Tech giant Google has made discovering vaccine-related information easier by carrying out a scope of updates across its different services.