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  1. The US president makes diplomatic calls after a sixth day of violence in the region.
  2. Organisers urge the UK government to help end the fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants.
  3. Eligible people in areas where the Indian virus variant is spreading are urged to get vaccinated.
  4. As bars, pubs and restaurants get ready to welcome customers back indoors, some will not be reopening at all.
  5. Leicester City lift the FA Cup for the first time as Youri Tielemans' stunning long-range goal earns victory over Chelsea at Wembley.
  6. The bank says all of its services are now working as normal and promises "no one will be out of pocket".
  7. Labour calls for an investigation into a letter from Priti Patel, saying she did "a favour to her friend".
  8. Dubai is the world's busiest airport and its boss says vaccine passports will get us flying again.
  9. It means adults regardless of income, will be given money to cover essential living costs.
  10. Thousands marched from Ibrox Stadium to celebrate Scottish title triumph after club and police urged crowds to disperse.