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  1. Cow joins the picnic submitted by /u/filmikitv to
  2. "Apprentice Attempts to Extract Waste Oil," me, pen and ink, 2022 Aubrey and Bagel (by @100momom on twitter)
  3. Nope submitted by /u/assistant_truck_chan to
  4. I’m not one to judge, but using hotel drawers is a little fucking strange. Thinly sliced cucumber
    Thinly sliced cucumber submitted by
  5. OSHA cat submitted by /u/biggiepants to
  6. Anon is helpful submitted by /u/GT220
  7. This is 'Monuments', an art installation in Charlotte NC. Artist Craig Walsh put a face in</a></td></tr></table>...							</div>
													<h3 class= Putting penises on potholes so they’ll get fixed