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  1. Wealthy Chinese buyers are looking to park their cash in luxury properties, and their Singapore purchases have risen despite mostly virtual tours during the pandemic.
  2. A lightweight shipborne helicopter, a submarine drone that can fly and the military’s Robo-Shark broaden China’s network of tech options, says analyst.
  3. Russia’s forces are making a ‘complete and total lack of progress’ on the battlefield, a senior US defence official told reporters.
  4. The move by state energy giant Gazprom, for unscheduled maintenance, tightens the energy squeeze on the region as it seeks to refuel ahead of winter.
  5. El Shafee Elsheikh is the most notorious and highest-ranking member of the Islamic State group to ever be convicted in a US court
  6. She says her ability to perform official duties remained unimpaired on the night in question, amid concerns over the Ukraine war and fears of a sudden crisis.
  7. A June/July investigation found 642 undocumented employees of foreign nationality. Brokers encourage them to stay illegally and connect them to unlawful employment, reportedly advising them to ‘dress like tourists’.
  8. Memory chip expert was quoted as saying that Taiwan and South Korea could be ‘significantly impacted’ by joining the US-led alliance.
  9. About 40 staff at the Golden Phoenix Entertainment Casino in Kandal province fought off security guards to escape. State media says 250 other Vietnamese workers were rescued from unscrupulous employers in Cambodia in the first half of this year.
  10. Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong announces business groups’ annual summit will launch in mid-October.